Friday, September 30, 2011

Yeah, it hurts a little...

So yes, for those of you who didn't see me in real life this week or spot the photo on facebook, I have a new tattoo. I'd be wanting this one for quite a while and on Tuesday I bit the bullet and once again submitted my flesh to the buzzing gun of my good friend Rohan from Jetty Road Tattoo Studio.

The tattoo is of Hopey from Jaime Hernandez' Locas storyline in the iconic comic book series Love and Rockets. The design is based on the back cover of issue 6, which features an amazing image of Hopey and Terry's band Jerusalem Crickets. I think the final result is pretty great and will look amazing when the redness goes down.

I had a very busy working week, at both my regular job and my lovely temp gig. Tuesday was my only day off and I spent a decent chunk of that getting my tattoo done and presenting the most stressful episode of the radio show to date. The studio's internet died completely, which left us without the ability to fact check, get up to date weather info, use social media and worst of all, stream the show online.

This was particularly galling as it was probably our best show to date, and virtually none of our listeners could hear it. Luckily our programming director has copied the studio's recording of it and so for us to share. I'll pop links to the podcasts up on here when they're all set up.

Speaking of radio things, I'll be at the Semaphore Music Festival on Sunday, handing out fliers and trying to sign up new members at the WoWfm stall from mid afternoon onwards. It would be great if people could come along and say hello, punch me in the mouth, or observe me from a great distance through a powerful telescope. You could also check out the great music and buy heaps of rad stuff at the record fair. Or not. I'm a blogger, not a cop.

Insanely my rotating roster has delivered me 5 days off; the October long weekend plus Tuesday and Wednesday. This is freaking incredible, because it comes when I need it most. I have 2 massive job applications to finish by close of business Friday, so the opportunity to spend 2 full days on the computer honing them is awesome. They are going to be two seriously shiny, well polished, glitter encrusted turds.

Hopefully that'll help, because I need a job where I can use my degree. Badly. I love the job I have now, but temping has given me a glimmer of what could be a really great career, which is something I don't really have right now. In the USSR they used to talk about people "seeing the west"; going outside of the controlled environment of the soviet union and seeing how other people actually live. Apparently it fucking ruined them. They couldn't go back to living how they normally did. I'm feeling a little bit of that at the moment. Not in a big way, just a little nagging burr, niggling at me. Like a faint shadow looming in my periphery vision.

That's some pretty gloomy shit. Sorry. I'm really not a miserable person. I think my posts tend to go this way because I usually type them when I come off night shift. Em is sleeping in and I am rattling away in the silence of our dimly lit lounge room. I've come straight off a 24 hour shift where I didn't sleep too well, but I've been awake since 5 so tired as I am, I'm too awake to sleep.

I am actually feeling pretty positive at the moment, not so much about things as they are, but about the future. I see a lot of potential for really great things if we're willing to be just a little bit brave, to show the tiniest hint of creativity and to stand up for what we know is right. So I joined a political party, in much the same way as I started this blog (filling in a form on the internet) and for precisely the same reason (to stop complaining about things and actually do something about them).

But that's a story for another post, and I'm starting to get seriously hungry. I think it's time for some breakfast, I've got a pretty busy day lined up.

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