Monday, October 24, 2011

It never rains, but it pours...

I have not posted anything on here for over a week, purely and simply because I have been too busy. Life of late has been a constant procession, from one happening to another. Picnics, parties, festivals, fairs, concerts, work, appointments; it has truly been one of the busiest months in recent memory. On Sunday night, when I cooked Emma and I a simple pasta dish for dinner, we realised that it was the first evening in the last few weeks where we shared a meal together, unaccompanied and at home.

This month of frantic activity reached it's zenith last week, when I found myself attending celebrations to mark not one, but three birthdays (all of them lovely), as well as two music festivals, the record fair, a job interview and the Hindu festival of Diwali in the space of four days. It was a mad time, both enjoyable and exhausting. I now find myself tired and somewhat glad to have a relatively quiet week, but at the same time I worry I may find myself a little bored today, as I enjoy the most recent additions to my record collection and take advantage opportunity the pleasant spring weather offers to catch up on the laundry.

Of course, none of this is helped by the fact that I am waiting, fairly anxiously, to hear news of my recent job interview. My phone and the remote for the stereo are presently colocated at my right hand, lined up quite neatly with my computer mouse. I busy myself with housework and sit at the computer, sipping at a large cup of strong herbal tea, a tightly knotted ball of tension and anxiety; it is a decidedly pathetic picture.

Having said that I can't complain too much, I have the radio show tonight and work tomorrow to keep me occupied, and during my very long weekend (6 days this week) I have a gig to attend (Night Hag/Bronze Chariot/Heirs/Alcest... a truly incredible line up) and I have my first political party AGM to attend, having recently bitten the bullet and joined Dignity 4 Disability, after 3 years working in disability support services and living day to day with the myriad difficulties and disappointments in that industry.

Sometime this week I should also get online and make my final selection for my large birthday present. I have been planning for some time to get a new distortion pedal, most likely a Tym Guitars Red Mudd, and had asked my family for money to fund this purchase. I've been writing a lot of music again lately and taking the first very tentative steps to maybe get the band back together again, or maybe start something new, so a new, high quality guitar pedal makes sense at the moment. Whether or not it will prove to be a massive white elephant only time can tell.

I shall leave it there I think, because I think I just heard the washing machine beep. I'll see you all somewhere out in the real world, real soon. Probably.

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